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Family Law Experts

Family Justice Advocates

Let our team be the solution for your Family Law needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences. Most law firms attend to different areas of law but we are a dedicated family law firm. We understand the necessity and patience required to represent theses cases. Don't do it alone!

Family Dispute


Divorce can be a mentally and emotianally draining process. Thanks to our years of experience we have curated a game plan for our clients to have options and always come out on top of their situation. We understand every case is unique but never the less our core values focus our clients best interests are met at the end of the journey.


Child Custody battles can get messy. Here at Lopez Law we have one main goal and that is to protect the child/children involved. We take our role very seriously and have resources for parents to attend co parenting classes, therapy, and programs for means of communication between both parties and their children while ensuring your child's best interest. 


Domestic violence is a serious matter nevertheless, if you are in danger we encourage you to call the National Domestic violence Hotline

(800)799-7233 or dial 911. Here at our firm we will provide help for you and loved ones who fear for their safety. We believe all humans are valuable and offer services to people from all walks of life providing a safe and judge free zone to all.

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